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It appears both Firefly and Turquoise Edge were doomed to another heartbreak in both their lives as it turns out they weren’t that good a match after all. As time went on their relationship started weakening more and more as they’re problems grew more and more. After an intense and rather ugly argument, they break up. Turquoise Edge moves out and decides to live with her brother. Firefly, after burning another set of photos, decides to focus more on her job at being a queen, deciding to never date again.

It’s obviously for the best, they really don’t make a good couple.

Commission made by :iconmustachedbain:

Characters and story based on :iconkindheart525:

My Little Pony is owned by Hasbro
safe1588594 artist:mustachedbain97 oc610583 oc only409851 oc:firefly156 oc:turquoise edge121 changepony902 hybrid15487 kindverse856 argument741 breaking up6 changeling hybrid81 close-up5449 interspecies offspring6208 magical lesbian spawn10364 offspring34142 parent:limestone pie457 parent:princess luna1944 parent:queen chrysalis970 parent:zephyr breeze614 parents:chrysaluna109 parents:zephyrstone203 story included8120


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