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@Dig Dug
That… could very well be the case. Although if she was trying to hide it, she might have gone a little far:

XD And now I’m imaging how that berating might go.

"Honestly, Sweetie, you’re a lady, and a lady takes care to keep decent, even with her friends."
"But what about the time in the train station with the phone guy? You were-"

(To be fair, in the video it was based off of, she was benind at an unnatural angle and Ellis was sitting next to a wanted poster. It’s pretty damn funny, actually: )
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Dig Dug
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Well considering he’s sitting right next to a wanted poster of himself, she is bending over in a very stiff way, and her tail is aside which is basically not only very unprobable but also defeating the only purpose a tail may serve in a civilized society, I’m gonna say Rarity may or may not secretly enjoy this.

Which would make her berating Sweetie for the whole pants thing way more hilarious.
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