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Started by kektist
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If one wants to search for anthro, they simply search for "anthro" tag. If one wants to see humanized stuff, they search "human" or "humanization". But if one wants to see ponies, they have to fill out the huge "-anthro, -human, -eqg" line. Will there be a system that could display pony-only images the same way it displays anthro/human/eqg? And no, I am not referring to filtering out last three but about not displaying them in specific searches.
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Substracting the amount of total eqg, anthro and humanization images uploaded (numbers are taken from their respective tags) and current latest image ID (2093989), there would be around 1500000 images. While some of them would not fit in any category, be it characterless scenery, cutiemarks or else, there still would be more than a million of images without the "pony" tag.
Edit: plus, majority of new images are still being uploaded without this tag. I also forgot to exclude the pony tag itself, so there would be around 850000 images without proper clarification.
Edit: there are also plenty of images displaying other species, such as zebras or griffons, and literally no one would give them a "pony" tag.
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We encourage everyone to add the appropriate tags to images all the time. We tag them ourselves. The whole point of a community-sourced tagging system is that the community updates it.

You want things to be tagged pony, then start tagging pony.

I'm not sure what else you expect us to do.
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I guess a shortcut to filter anthro, eqg and humanizations could work.

You want things to be tagged pony, then start tagging pony.

And then again, there would be other-than-pony species on which the "pony" tag would look wrong.
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Actually, only about 543,457 images are exclusively pony characters and don't have the pony tag.
Not counting any images that aren't properly tagged for non-pony species/some other option I haven't accounted for yet.

Considering the tag was only on about 6,000 images when I started, progress is moving along. Not fast, but moving. Just needs more people tagging it.
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