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safe2153056 screencap293563 princess celestia111770 princess luna116234 rarity215735 thorax5431 alicorn309787 changedling11312 changeling65047 pony1580972 unicorn528127 g42006130 season 62777 to where and back again3065 angry36236 changeling king459 cropped60905 female1779725 frown35469 glowing antlers38 glowing horn28694 horn178417 king thorax3715 magic95453 magic aura8733 male542498 male focus1452 mare727414 offscreen character51205 offscreen female479 solo focus29266 spread wings91756 wings216539


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Background Pony #F8B2
I’d love nothing more than to see King Thorax take on Chrysalis at the end of next season. Fuck reforming her, send her to Tartarus to bunk with Tirek, or to the Great Beyond to keep Sombra company.
One final bought at the climax of whatever her next big plot is. I gotta see these antlers in action.