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safe1576719 artist:asika-aida367 sci-twi22103 sunset shimmer57685 twilight sparkle282902 equestria girls180372 legend of everfree7410 art trade1516 campfire915 clothes409506 converse5037 dusk shine2202 duskshimmer64 equestria guys952 glasses54984 half r63 shipping1735 male305867 mountain4448 night22744 rule 6325237 sci-dusk45 sciduskshimmer4 scitwishimmer2568 shipping184159 shirt21278 shoes30368 shorts12203 smiling215261 stars13441 straight121771 sunsetsparkle4718


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@The Angry Dango of Doom
You're trying to argue homophobia as the reason for what the artist did. That's along the same reasoning as saying any artist that draws characters as humans is doing so only because they hate equines. It's a fairly illogical assumption and points to a flawed mindset.

"I'm not projecting, you're projecting!"

You've already been told to drop this, so I highly suggest doing so for the sake of everyone, including yourself.