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Well, after I submitted my Valentine Art of RariJack, which it is my most waited ever, I made another Valentine Art, in which they're dating and strolling in the park. Dusk Shine is a credit to Drewmwhit. I hope he allows me to use it. Valentine's Day in the park.

AJ and Rarity having their date in the park after he gives his gift to Rarity in Canterlot High. They carry his Valentine Gift to her. On the other hand, there are more four more couples are dating in the park.

There are the couples, named;

Flash Sentry and Twilight Sparkle
- They're making love in the pathway
Applejack and Elusive
- Doing the same thing. They also making love.
Josh and Blythe
- Josh serenading Blythe.

Dusk Shine and Sunset Shimmer
- Also serenading.
safe1577446 artist:hectorcabz19 applejack158983 flash sentry12104 rarity169880 sunset shimmer57728 twilight sparkle282983 equestria girls180486 absurd resolution63987 applejack (male)1024 applelusive (straight)12 blythe baxter103 dusk shine2205 duskshimmer64 elusive1156 equestria guys952 female900792 flashlight2561 half r63 shipping1735 josh sharp3 male306069 rarijack (straight)37 rule 6325247 shipping184228 straight121837 sunsetsparkle4717 valentine's day3104


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