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safe (1409403)artist:bobdude0 (286)twilight sparkle (256789)adorkable (2405)armpits (34798)book (26477)bookhorse (434)cute (144450)dork (2596)female (742916)filly (49276)filly twilight sparkle (2186)levitation (8443)magic (56355)pony (674414)solo (864734)telekinesis (20184)that pony sure does love books (965)twiabetes (7821)underhoof (40602)unicorn (195887)unicorn twilight (7381)weapons-grade cute (2649)younger (13664)


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Tickling Pony Bellies
If I went to a physical library and saw this on a wall or end of a shelf, I would have to restrain my coos.

This isn’t that.

Therefore: D’awwwwwwwww!
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Growing up, most foals played with building blocks: little cubes of wood with letter, numbers, and sometimes symbols on them that they can stack. Twily, however, went another way: spelling books. Not books that actually taught you how to spell or ones to learn magic, but book shaped objects carved of wood with letters on the front to spell things with.

Only two sets had ever been sold.
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