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safe1689479 artist:witchtaunter443 lyra heartstrings29309 pony951153 unicorn316054 :d1160 animated97701 blinking3603 blue background4969 c:1198 cute197320 daaaaaaaaaaaw3757 emotional spectrum71 eyes closed91512 female1347408 floppy ears51434 frame by frame4006 frown22593 gif30485 happy30765 lidded eyes30109 looking at you165498 looking down8642 lyrabetes1342 mare472671 no pupils3952 open mouth142340 simple background387612 sitting62277 smiling243484 solo1052497 weapons-grade cute3656 witchtaunter is trying to murder us6


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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2019) - Celebrated Derpibooru's seventh year anniversary with friends.
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Friendship, Art, and Magic (2018) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
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This has to become one of the most upvoted images in the entire site's history.
After Cutealoo, of course.