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dead source22833 safe1691271 artist:candasaurus214 fizzlepop berrytwist9214 tempest shadow16710 twilight sparkle298636 alicorn221626 pony952959 my little pony: the movie18913 adorkable3526 broken horn13750 comic108150 cute197617 dialogue64592 dork3795 eye scar5006 female1349155 lesbian95931 mare473552 nom3044 not vore13 round trip's mlp movie in a nutshell5 scar11826 shipping198218 sparking horn649 tempestbetes2621 tempestlight3537 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123052


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Background Pony #41E3
Is there something like a "muzzle bite" tag? I couldn't find one. But after looking at this picture, I think we NEED one. Also more pictures like it.