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Here is my favorite MLP ships

Here are some honorable mentions that I am not able to fit in the picture:

Big Macintosh x Sugar Belle
Applejack x Caramel
Spike x Ember
Button Mash x Babs Seed
Scootaloo x Chipcutter
First Base x Silver Spoon
Pinkie Pie x Pokey Pierce
safe1575771 artist:jawsandgumballfan24323 apple bloom46556 blues911 diamond tiara9673 dinky hooves4255 dj pon-328114 fluttershy197821 lyra heartstrings27962 noteworthy912 octavia melody22500 pipsqueak2708 rarity169755 rumble3803 shady daze353 soarin'13328 sweetie belle46665 tender taps656 thunderlane3819 vinyl scratch32210 oc605076 oc:jawsandgumballfan2425 alicorn195359 earth pony199086 pegasus239693 pony845897 unicorn266285 alicorn oc22024 canon x oc22033 dinkysqueak89 discussion in the comments687 female899490 i ❤️ ny8 lesbian92236 lyraworthy47 male305547 rarilane161 rumbelle274 scratchtavia2827 shadytiara6 shipping184088 soarinshy150 straight121682 tenderbloom217


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Background Pony #1A49

The OC could cast two spells at the same time or use both horns for extra power but is not as strong as Starlight Glimmer or Twilight Sparkle.

I guess the explanation is that she comes from the land of the duocorns on the other side of the planet.
Background Pony #1A49

Another question for advice. If I made my OC a duocorn (two horns) would that be considered "too unique"? Of course this wouldn't be the red/black OC since you don't want to stack these things.

Y'all need Pony Jesus
@Background Pony #ED3B
I don't believe the gender of the OC matters too much, honesty; the best way the artist here could get away with the black and red mane would be to make the character's coat color something more neutral that doesn't clash as bad. I don't think the colors on a cutie mark are usually an issue, since it's a specific symbol or object.

Y'all need Pony Jesus
@Background Pony #4290
Because making your character a rare and extremely strong type of pony is generally seen as lazy wish fulfillment, unless it's VERY well written. The fandom has a long history with poorly written alicorn OCs.

Plus, shipping your self insert OC with a show character is usually seen as, again, wish fulfillment.
Background Pony #1A49

It can be popular. But the OC can not be the avatar of the creator or an alicorn (certainly not a male alicorn either). The relationship also has to slowly develop in a story of some kind.

There are some long running fan comic series here where the fans fully support the OC being with the canon character