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Oh, Twilight Sparkle%! It looks like someone’s a naughty little baby%! I’d love to stick around and watch, but I have some playmates to pick up. Play nice you three~!“
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Twilight Sparkle is plopped down right into the playpen on top of poor Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy. And boy, it’s starting to get a little cramped in there…
Art by 34Qucker
Alternate source
suggestive170120 artist:34qucker14 part of a set17933 fluttershy235764 rainbow dash257140 twilight sparkle330019 human198005 abdl973 blushing234656 bondage40293 booties299 breasts335879 busty fluttershy20599 clothes549420 crossed arms6697 diaper15207 diaper bondage255 diaper fetish9777 diaper slave186 female1578850 females only14891 fetish48326 humanized108966 knee tied686 mittens534 non-baby in diaper10705 nose wrinkle3471 onesie967 pacifier2984 pacifier gag227 part of a series3273 playpen89 poofy diaper5038 restrained1735 shirt31677 squirming244 straitjacket932 straps904 t-shirt5620


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Pootis Bird

Silly Filly
The same “you need help” argument can be applied to literally every fetish. Its asinine to single one out as if it’s worse than the others based on your preferences and lack of understanding.  
The only time it would be justified is if the fetish or act straight up negatively affects people directly. Like assault of some kind.
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For the record, you have been asked, repeatedly, to filter content you don’t want to see. You have instead opted to continue looking at it purely to complain about it.
When your ban has expired, please ensure that you use the filters provided so you no longer have to be exposed to these things that evidently cause you so much anguish.
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You know, the number of times I’ve seen mods say “take discussions into the forums” is pretty high. You trying to talk on here shows the inconsistencies of the mod team here yet again.
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Monde de merde
Judging from the artist’s previous pieces, when usage there is, it’s usually either merely implied or showing lumps without visible stains on the outside of the diaper.
To tell the truth, that’s how I prefer it as well.
Background Pony #FA9E
I bet they’d calm down if a couple of their guy friends or secret crushes showed up.
Background Pony #6D50
Oh hey, actually good pictures of my fetish, without other disgusting fetishes like hyperscat thrown in.  
New fave artist.