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Look who just came back from the dead.
suggestive135007 artist:weirdisfun2 princess celestia92215 princess luna96425 alicorn210486 pony902041 bed38599 blushing186096 butt46292 clothes434591 crown15446 duo54499 duo female8728 dutch oven7 face fart197 fart2032 fart fetish939 fart noise647 female1302938 females only11985 fetish37447 jewelry56985 mare448540 necklace16854 onomatopoeia3758 plot74176 regalia18085 shoes33417 sisters8125 smelly848 solar wind65 sound effects1866 sunbutt3850 trollestia764 under the covers219


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Passionate opinionator
Hot damn! I loved this guy's previous fart pic of Celestia and Luna and he gives us another!

I bet it even doesn't smell that bad under there. Though I'm sure Luna is gonna get her revenge.