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Captain Celaeno returning to her duty as free pirate! Its a bit late fanart, since the movie is already out for quite a while, but still, i just couldn’t resist. She was one of my most favourite characters there (especially with her vocals in Time to be Awesome x3). I know not much people love her character (don’t even know why><), but imo, she is awesome, hope i shared a bit of love for her with that, YAHAHAHRRR x3

Character – Hasbro©
Art – ShamziWhite©

Sorry, a bit overdid the chromatic aberrations on that one, so here is the clear version:
Version without chromatic aberrations

Also, still holding commissions widely open for everyone, don’t be afraid to send me a note and to join to the ranks of the beautiful pirates, YARRR x3
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Yeah, I had really bad chromatic aberration on my last pair of glasses, so I’m pretty sensitive to it. I was rubbing my eyes and worrying for a little bit there.

Actually, i have clear version without it (tons of backups doing good job on version control xd), so if you want, there is a link^^:
ShamziWhite's avatar

That may add something, but initially you don’t need them at all^^
But since that question appeared, i guess i’ve overdid the chromatic aberration thing on that one^^’’. I’m not often using that technique and still struggling with its appearance. Sorry, will practice more and make it look better on next piece^^’’
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