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Equestria at War

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perfect loop webm of the instruments scene, had to reanimate some parts to make it work properly.
safe (1374691)alternate version (20777)artist:anontheanon (242)lyra heartstrings (25386)spike (64419)twilight sparkle (250467)oc (500095)oc:anon (10319)airplane! (54)alicorn (152591)animated (81804)automatic pilot (7)clarinet (22)cockpit (87)colored (14584)double bass (34)dragon (32906)featured image (672)female (708027)male (240112)mare (309958)no sound (2043)parody of a parody (72)perfect loop (633)pony (648201)robotic arm (121)saxophone (153)trumpet (215)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (96693)webm (6448)

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Lady of Ships and Birbs
This guy’s animations are so smooth. I was hoping that the Emperor’s New Groove animation would be the featured one (especially since it had sound) but this is a good choice too.

@Yet One More Idiot
I enjoyed it too. Not only did I love learning but I got along with my teachers and the other students. Being at school was also a way to avoid abuse at home so…yeah. School is cool for me.
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XD Can’t be as worst as what I got. I have a prepaid flip phone. Though I tend to use it mostly for when I need things like rides to appointments or contacting my friends via text (which I guess is what most normal people do with phones, if you can say I’m normal XD)
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From what I can tell, Lyra’s playing the clarinet (an interesting choice for her, by the way), Twilight’s playing the saxophone, Spike’s playing the trumpet, and Anon’s playing the double bass. A little difficult to identify Lyra’s instrument based on how much of it she was covering.

I have to hope that they’re playing in a plane that’s on the ground and parked. Otherwise, what passengers are on that plane are likely in major trouble.
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