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And another jumping pony butt!  
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suggestive173328 artist:eqamrd380 fluttershy238545 pegasus408172 anthro316505 3d104462 3ds max245 animated113179 ass69937 big breasts107248 bouncing5706 bouncing breasts4456 breasts344186 busty fluttershy21010 butt180108 butt only2732 butt shake1672 faceless female1981 female1606272 flutterbutt6847 gif41514 head out of frame828 huge butt13539 hypnotic98 jiggle2205 large butt25950 loop6453 mare619877 nudity453349 offscreen character44070 raised arm444 raised tail21320 rear view18231 rearboob1263 sexy38119 sideboob12666 solo1270857 solo female207959 stupid sexy fluttershy1479 tail66842 the ass was fat18640 wings175790


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Background Pony #86D9
Oh, absolutely.
@Marble Didymus  
To be fair, the early Pixar films are decades old by now, and the reason the original Toy Story was even made was because 3D animation at the time looked plasticy and lifeless, so they made a movie about toys, which are supposed to look plasticy and lifeless.  
But if you go back to watch it nowadays, and you actively pay attention to the human characters, you’ll notice that they fall squarely into the uncanny valley.
Background Pony #4056
Fluttershy: What’s wrong honey? Am I too hot for you? Don’t be scared, come closer and kiss it. You know you want to (giggles).