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Pinkie: "This is SO much fun, Twilight! I can't wait to do this again in the NEXT Trivia Trot!"
Twilight: "I look forward to seeing you here again, Pinkie!"
Applejack: "…Say, Doc? How likely d'ya think it is that Twilight and Pinkie will be paired up AGAIN in the next game?"
Doctor: "Well, if it were anypony else, I'd say it's a less than 10% chance of occurring… but given this is a Pie sister we're talking about, I'd place the odds closer to… 90, 95 maybe?"


Good evening, fillies and gentlecolts! It's that time of the week once again: time for the latest round of the Season 9 Retirement Party! Get your bell-ringing hooves ready, because this week's category is: A Trivial Pursuit, aka: "The Ultimate My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Quiz Show: the Episode"! I LOVED this episode! The trivia contest setting was so much fun, there were so many great faces/lines/scenes in general, and it stars my favorite main character duo on the whole show: Twilight and Pinkie! It was really cool hearing so many trivia questions that WE as viewers could actually answer, but ONLY if we've seen and remembered many different episodes from the show's history: questions about Zap Apples, the Ghastly Gorge, a Hearth's Warming Tail, Tirek and Scorpan… this was a great last season episode just to look back and remember all the unique lore we're developed over the years! I also love the amount of potential this episode has: What might other Trivia Trots look like? How would characters like Rarity or Trixie perform were they to participate? What exactly happened when Starlight was scoring that traumatized her so? I hope to see plenty of material out of this one!

So, the ending moral seemed to imply that Team TwiPie was going to lose, but they didn't care as long as they were having fun together. Yeah… I don't buy it. Pinkie, as I know her, is one of the smartest characters on the show, and we all know Twilight's super smart, and with their vast differences in interest and field of study, they should just be able to overwhelmingly dominate the competition, as far as I can tell. That said, it makes sense why Pinkie was struggling at first: if you think about it, she technically never answered a question wrong (the few times Twilight actually let her answer a question), but the Trot's complicated rules and the necessity to be specific with her answers took advantage of Pinkie's greatest weaknesses knowledge-wise, and made her appear less intelligent than she actually was. It's no wonder Twilight underestimated her so much during the episode, especially while distracted trying to secure her elusive "threepeat". Still, I couldn't help but feel like this duo deserved some redemption after everything they went through.

Hope you all try not to take games too seriously, and remember to have fun! Looking forward to the next episode!
safe1583881 artist:bjdazzle131 applejack159622 cranky doodle donkey920 fluttershy199436 matilda465 maud pie11784 mudbriar728 pinkie pie204128 rainbow dash220608 sunburst5935 twilight sparkle283409 alicorn199046 donkey1602 earth pony205001 pegasus246406 pony854517 unicorn272897 season 9 retirement party24 a trivial pursuit1090 bell3783 bonnie zacherle79 bored1371 cocky61 comic101219 competition209 cursive writing53 decoy8 explanation48 facial hair5063 female1181030 goatee1300 happy27969 headcanon2098 hoofbump1036 implied granny smith37 male309275 mare425849 marker353 nonchalant24 one eye closed25936 plushie22113 realization202 shocked5931 stallion94046 surprised8177 sweat23372 table8307 trivia55 twilight sparkle (alicorn)116009 whiteboard258 wink21984 winning41 world champ18


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