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Background Pony #9D23
@Background Pony #DC04
Not likely. Sunset is perfectly happy living out her life in the human world.

And they would never add anything about Sunset to the show proper. Sunset was only part of a montage, which has nothing to do with the actual show world.
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Background Pony #DC04
Maybe she’s Sunset’s child? They went to the trouble of canonizing her in this show. It would fit her design, theme, and her unfamiliarity with the setting that argues against being Starlight’s.
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Background Pony #9D23
Should have been Starlights daughter.

She just looks so much like a mixture of Starlight and Sunburst.
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Background Pony #240C
I’m guessing the pink pony is probably Twilight’s protege and she set her to the school of friendship for complet her formation! Twilight most be the new teacher of the school of magic!( like her formal Mentor!)
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@Background Pony #BA77
Future Canterlot looked weird. So many creatures mixed in with ponies. Some of the dragons were big. Looked weird when they were talking to random ponies in the streets.

There’s always a danger for racial tensions in the future.
Lessons are notorious for being forgotten when generations end.
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