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Page 355 — Friendship is Trekkers

Author: Indigo Steel

Guest Author's Note: "If only they hadn't picked up that strange device on Rigel VII…"

Twilight Sparkle (GM): Captain's Log; Stardate 13768.8: With our GM away for a while, command falls to me during this session.
Twilight Sparkle: Report, Commander?
Rarity: Three Shardi K'Dek Class ships closing in, Captain.
Applejack: The shields ain't workin' Cap'n!
Pinkie Pie: Captain!
Twilight Sparkle: Ensign Pie, hail the ships, assure them that we mean no harm, and will leave their space as soon as…
Pinkie Pie: Captain!
Rainbow Dash: Are you serious? We can take these guys!
Applejack: It ain't just shields, either… engines, weapons, computers; Somethin's wrong!
Fluttershy: Umm, Captain… I think Ms. Pie's trying to…
Rarity: We mustn't start a war, Lieutenant Dash! Besides, we're outnumbered!
Rainbow Dash: Come on! They're only K'Dek Class! That's nothing!
Twilight Sparkle: ENOUGH! My orders stand! Lt. Commander Jack, do what you can to stabalize…
Pinkie Pie: CAPTAIN!!!
Twilight Sparkle: YES, Ensign, what's the problem?
Pinkie Pie: I had already sent the message as protocol suggests, but the translator malfunctioned…
Twilight Sparkle: Oh no… what kind of message was sent?
Pinkie Pie: Something along the lines of “Spineless Tucii Slugs who couldn't fight their way our of a wet paper bag.”
Rarity: Oh, dear…
Fluttershy: Th-They're arming weapons! M-maybe we could teleport over some Tribbles…?
Twilight Sparkle (GM): SIGH Not only is our ship destroyed with all hands lost, but we have now doomed the Interstellar Commonwealth to war with the Shardi Empire.
Fluttershy: We're blowing up an awful lot lately…
Applejack: You ain't kiddin', sugarcube.

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