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Mkogwheel & Tex

cute applejack winking and smiling
AJ winking yeehaw.png
Wasn’t sure which end, so have both
suggestive (112910)alternate version (23783)artist:mkogwheel (687)applejack (147604)earth pony (147735)pony (694868)4chan (5505)applebutt (3093)applejack's hat (3788)blushing (153578)censored (3250)cowboy hat (10467)dock (37904)double wink (5)female (758444)hat (64598)looking at you (120206)looking back (41728)looking back at you (7556)mare (334325)/mlp/ (7886)one eye closed (20325)smiling (182828)solo (874779)solo female (154750)wink (18637)


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