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A quick coloring of my previous sketch.
I really must to draw this couple once again.
safe1613195 artist:yakovlev-vad460 rainbow dash223781 dragon50742 pegasus256449 pony880864 clothes424864 crossover59191 female1283803 goggles13359 male342925 mare438546 open mouth129461 scissors1039 sitting57346 spyro the dragon525 torn clothes4450 uniform9719 wonderbolts uniform5542


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This is not a ship I expected to see, especially done in such quality.

I do have to say that even though I didn't think of it before, their personalities oddly mesh well.
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(Haven’t felt like this since I saw adorabat in mmhoph)
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"Uh, the suit is nice and all, but you Wonderbolts got a superfly powerup up there, right?"
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