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safe (1426927)artist:vito (366)cozy glow (4154)pinkie pie (188778)4chan (5504)a better ending for cozy (32)baking (556)batter (182)bowl (1257)cake batter (62)cooking (875)cozybetes (352)cute (148112)dialogue (50539)diapinkes (6965)drawthread (1414)egg (3031)flour (233)food (50965)messy mane (5830)milk (2913)/mlp/ (7884)


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Background Pony #9B72
Pinkie: Well Yes but we made all the Cupcake!
Cozy: Yeah like those here!
Fan: Oh is look yummy!
Bad fan: Why not those!(he show THE cupcake of CUPCAKE serie)
Maud: NO!(she kick him out)
Cozy: what?
Pinkie: Cozy, Pinkie promise me to never read this evil book call Cupcake!
Cozy: Why?(Cozy feel the anger of Pinkie and see the mane of Pinkie be go low and she with a angry face)
Pinkie: Promise me!
Cozy: Ok I promise but why is make you angry? is only a book of Cu..?!
Pinkie: THIS BOOK IS NOT TALK OF CUPCAKE, is a very evil fanfic who of me be evil but i will not tell you what is goin in the book but true me, were i read it, i be sad and angry for years and of this, no pony a get a lovely Pinkie pie Party, my Sisters a past a lot time with me to make me feel better and the same for my friends, Princess twilight a order all books of this serie most be destroy! I can’t belive one a Survive!
Cozy: Princess Twilight a order of the destrusion of some books? Is Hard to belive!
Maud: Belive me, is a years befor the battle betwin Tirek and Princess Twilight and get her castle and the cutie map, i know i help to fond those and destroy them, i destroy and burn 1002006 book of this evil serie!
Limestone: Yeah this stupid serie a made cry my sister and my mommy well she past out after she read the all book and were she come back to her self she go to throw up all her dinner!
Mauble: is a take a year for mommy to full get self back togeter, body and mind, daddy a never see mommy like this, thanks Celestia he a not read it but he know is this book the problem, Daddy a tell us to never read it, but how mommy get this book?
Discord: some of those Stupid fan a give it to her, Thanks Scopants not all Brony are like this! For Your sake do Not read it, I read it but i laught of it, why?
Cozy: You see it Fun?
Discord: Yes and for the fact Pinkie Pie is not like this in the serie plus the autor a use the Born name of Lady Party over there to call the name of a evil persona were she a none of this!
Cozy: Her Born Name? Are tell me Pinkie pie is not her real name?!
Maud: Pinkie Pie is only her Short name and is more easy for other pony to call her Pinkie Pie. is me who a start it to call like this after she got her Cutie mark but Mother and Father refuse to call her like this!
Cozy: And how she be call by them?
Limestone: Her Full Mane is Pinkamena Diane Pie, me is Limestone diane pie!
Mauble: Mauble diane pie!
Maud: Maudaline diane pie, i dont mind to be call by my born name but I hate to see my family in pain and boulder think the same!
Cozy: Hmmmm so why i never hear you be call by those name?
Discord: because most Pony of Pony ville dont know those name, Only Twilight and the other know and the mare mayor!
Cozy: Wow, now what we do with this bo..!?(she twilight burn it with her magic)
Twilight: IS be the last one of all equestria…I hope you a not read it Cozy?(she look Cozy with a scary face)
Cozy: NO , i Pinkie Promise to never read it, plus i only wondering what to do with it befor you destroy it!
Twilight: Good!(she good a happy smile) Hmm is smell good, continue your hard Cozy on your cooking!
Cozy: Tha.thanks! how she be mad and become happy as this fast?
Discord: Is sample, You a not read it, is save you from her anger, she be very angry after she a read it and sick too, this is why she a order the destroy all those books, and if a pony gotch with one and read it, he will pay 1000 bit for break the law, is now forbident to have one those book and read it, of course, you dont pay 1000 bit in one day, Thanks Celestia for this, but You most pay 10 bits every month, i read it befor he be forbident, after i warning fluttershy to NOT read it, if she read it, she will past out befor to finish the all book!
Cozy: Yeah….Ok now is time to focus on my Cupcake! the real Cupcake, Not those stupid fanfic version!
Pinkie: Thats the Spirit!
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After cozy glow helped pinkie pie make a batch of cupcakes when she needed a shower when those compiled a gallery of her getting a preening by rainbow dash. Those also know cozy glow had scheduled a chat with starlight glimmer then felt like having another chat with twilight. As those wonder if cozy glow knows being a villain wasn’t so great.
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Cozy had faked her reformation. She would get her revenge…right after finishing these cupcakes…and she did need a bath…and Dash and Fluttershy gave very good preenings and she needed a preening…and she had a chat scheduled with Starlight…and she felt like a talk with Twilight just because and…
maybe being a villain wasn’t so great after all.
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With pinkie pie and cozy glow to say what they want as a coating for the batch of cupcakes they are to bake when pinkie pie says she wants chocolate chips with a cherry on top as cozy glow wants sprinkles with a slice of apple. those were to point out some of the batter on the pair including several dollops in the pair’s manes.
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