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Seriously. I really wanted a Thorax and Pharynx this season that not only gave the two more development as brothers, but also allowed Pharynx to have a prominent speaking role again. And while I did appreciate seeing the two together in The Ending of the End and The Last Problem, it still would have been nice for him to say at least one thing before the show ends.

It's been 2 years since his debut for crying out loud! Give the bug prince something to say already!
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I freaking really wasn't though.
At least I am not intending to, I think?

I can't remember how exactly all of my comments are typed(hence if a comment I was typing got deleted before I posted it, most likely its not going to be word for word due to my iffy memory thing).
I know I said this comment about wishing Spike/Luna interacted more due to how that clicked good in Sparkle's Seven but I don't think I was literally copy/pasting that same comment exactly over and over again.

It's just painful since Spike didn't make any friends of his own and get to keep them.

Just LOOK at all the fan art people made of the idea of Spike and Thorax hanging out or Spike and Ember hanging out. People LOVED the idea.

But we didn't get that. Spike was just "randomly" shoved with characters. "Randomly" he's friends with Big Mac. "Randomly" he's "friends" (and I use that term loosely) with Smolder. "Randomly" he's friends with Gabby. And all of it is just about a one shot that has no substance to it.

What's Spike's chemistry with Big Mac? What made them become friends? We never know. They never see each other, and then are suddenly "friends" for… board game night. How? We never know.

Gabby got SOME backstory and reasoning for why she and Spike spent time together, and it honestly could have been good… but it was another one-off episode as Gabby wasn't seen again.

And the truth is at the end of the series, Spike HAS no friends. He works with Twilight… A thankless job that no one applauds him for and he's clearly single.

He did not get Rarity.
He did not get Gabby.
He did not get Anyone.

Is he shown hanging out with a friend at least? No, he is not.

He's alone at the series end.

The majority of the fans didn't pay enough attention to the fact that Spike figures out that he made a mistake in inviting Thorax over on the same day as Ember and becomes terrified of possibly starting a war. Do Twilight and/or Starlight tell Spike that he needs to calm down? Not really. He makes a halfhearted suggestion of keeping Thorax and Ember separated and Twilight and Starlight go into overdrive in keeping the two apart and distracting them as much as possible instead of… doing ANYTHING else. Starlight can somewhat be forgiven for not knowing nuances of friendship, but not Twilight.

She would know this is beyond wrong.
She would know that letting them casually meet would be the best course of action.
However, she does none of this and is ignorant…

And the truth is, Twilight deliberately allowed Spike's friendships with Thorax and Ember, the only two friends he went out of his way to make, die that day.

Thorax, who used to jump at the chance to see Spike, doesn't even mention him.

Ember just brushes him off like he's some commoner.

The part with Ember is especially painful since the terribly shoehorned-in sequences of Spike "suddenly" being friends with Smolder forces Smolder to be OOC and basically be Ember.

Had they not done that, Ember would have had scenes where she actually spends time with Spike, her friend.

But no, can't happen, because Ember isn't his friend anymore.

Indeed. He only gets literal business meetings with them, such as when the school is opened and he needs to make official documentations on who is attending. Same with sweet and smoky where he is just interacting with ember on business, not friendship.

The episode also adds salt to how he got robbed big time in To Where And Back Again due to Starlight getting all the changeling stuff while this episode was Spike's only thing afterwards in terms of changeling stuff.

Hell, here is some "Harsher in hindsight":
Triple threat is basically an episode that culminates in Thorax and Ember abandoning their friendship with Spike because of the lies that TWILIGHT AND STARLIGHT PERSISTED THAT SPIKE KEEP SPREADING.

Spike NEVER hangs out with Thorax or Ember again in the series beyond a passing "hi". That episode literally is Thorax and Ember telling Spike to "Eff off, we're never seeing you again."

I'm gonna be eternally salty that Spike and Thorax NEVER got to hang out. Spike wasn't even invited to assist with Pharynx, instead it was starlight and trixie who nearly ruined EVERYTHING.
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