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Here's another Saffron Masala, but just a little older, it was done for the sake of interest "what would Saffron Masala look like 30 years later?" and there was a change with the design, and honestly I tried to do something to get it, like in the MLP series “The Last Problem”. I think that you will like it and get more ratings than the rest.

The character Saffron Masala belongs to Hasbro ©.
safe (1486741) artist:temerdzafarowo (27) saffron masala (1457) pony (765249) unicorn (227346) spice up your life (1018) the last problem (2998) spoiler:s09e26 (3162) alternate hairstyle (22277) bracelet (7048) clothes (376362) dress (36633) ear piercing (18252) earring (15384) female (811320) india (59) indian (93) jewelry (42968) mare (366565) older (20554) older saffron masala (1) piercing (30399) simple background (310336) solo (914770) transparent background (161858) vector (68863)


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