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sunset shimmer,applejack,rarity,midnight sparkle(sci-twi)twilight sparkle,rainbow dash and trixie lulamoon from my little pony equestria girls.
safe (1504003) artist:brandonale (263) edit (108311) edited screencap (49975) screencap (187233) applejack (153804) rainbow dash (211876) rarity (163827) sci-twi (20315) sunset shimmer (54071) trixie (59371) twilight sparkle (272618) equestria girls (170239) equestria girls series (26669) legend of everfree (7255) my past is not today (328) rainbow rocks (17141) run to break free (144) spoiler:eqg series (season 2) (10919) clothes (382813) fiery shimmer (345) midnight sparkle (2208) pajamas (2725)


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Artist -
An Artist Who Rocks -

Why is Twilight Venom? That's kinda weird, it doesn't fit at all. Trixie as a Scarlet Witch? While it's fitting, it's not at all. I think Trixie is more like a Loki, they're both charismatic, unpredictable and chaotic, use illusions and trickery. And Twilight is more like a Spider Man, nerdy and awkward, sometimes quirky and funny, that's more like it and Trixie would be Venom, definitely in that universe. We'll see :D, I got some plans on drawing superhero Trixie, just need some time and inspiration.
Darth Shy

Only the first two seen remotely close to right, even then you could argue SciTwi better represents Jean Grey as opposed to Sunset