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Adorkable Twilight & Friends – “Towels″
Happy New Year!
safe1573120 artist:adorkabletwilightandfriends855 spike74768 starlight glimmer43768 twilight sparkle282338 alicorn194802 dragon48051 pony844030 unicorn265377 comic:adorkable twilight and friends738 adorkable3085 adorkable twilight533 bathroom1827 blowing nose1 butt27145 comic101229 cute176797 dat towelin'46 dork3332 eye drops5 glowing horn16602 horn42922 humor881 magic65727 nose blowing115 nostrils411 rag45 routine4 shocked5719 shower3002 slice of life1235 snot474 surprised8036 telekinesis24649 towel3264 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115009 upset1105 wet7016


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Background Pony #E714
That final panel clearly showing the towel going up Twily's nostril. 😂
Background Pony #5F2F

I just remembered something. In the original Animal Crossing, the neighbors will ask you to retrieve an item they let another neighbor borrow. But sometimes they would say that they lent it to another neighbor and so on with you going around the entire town until you find it. The item is random but one of the potential items is a handkerchief.
Background Pony #5F2F

I remember a tv show or movie where a character asks to borrow toilet paper. Granted, I'm sure by "borrow" they meant that they would later reimburse them by buying more toilet paper but still poor wording I think…
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A Harmless Little Kitten
I can only assume that once Starlight found out what towels he used for his face, she immediately started using only those towels to dry off her nether regions.
Background Pony #A393
It's more like Starlight WANTS Spike to dry his face with that towel.

Spike didn't know. He just uses his towels. This rigid quirk of his always wanting things a certain way is super apparent in this episode!