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safe1587537 edit119720 edited screencap57322 screencap206509 princess celestia89847 princess luna94257 alicorn199800 pony857691 a royal problem2036 angry24415 canterlot castle1871 crown14576 descriptive noise1355 dialogue59654 female1227993 horse noises549 implied starlight glimmer391 jewelry53149 mare427459 peytral2780 regalia16973 speech bubble20582 swapped cutie marks689


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Seeing this, I'm reminded of this piece of artwork by NCmares:

And the presentation that Luna's cutie mark wraps around her flank in a manner that makes it looks like she's wearing tight fighting hot pants.

vacant expression
You should definitely watch more of DWK's videos. He's hilarious, one of the funniest MLP fan creators in my opinion. Shame he hasn't made anything in a long time.