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suggestive173258 artist:haibaratomoe297 applejack187973 rarity203361 sci-twi28895 sunset shimmer72744 twilight sparkle333238 equestria girls234224 equestria girls series38690 beach shorts swimsuit323 bedroom eyes72686 belly button95948 blushing239110 breasts344066 clothes560376 comic124048 drink6553 embarrassed13632 exposed609 female1605911 females only15164 geode of empathy3637 geode of shielding2749 geode of super strength2752 geode of telekinesis3474 glasses77547 lesbian108625 lidded eyes39152 looking at you217693 looking away4707 magical geodes11135 one eye closed39984 rarijack7727 rarity's beach shorts swimsuit62 rarity's purple bikini317 sarong1308 scitwishimmer2594 shipping230075 spit take491 sunset shimmer's beach shorts swimsuit238 sunsetsparkle4843 swimsuit34782 wink29678


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Invisible Enemy
@Johnny B. Mediocre  
No, the material never said she was Bisexual in the first place.  
And people who know it like us were called haters, that’s why I hate that word. Anyway, Sunset is not bisexual, but how this guy said:
@Darth Sonic  
This is bloody FANART.
The fans can do whatever they want. After all, the fan content will never be canon.