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explicit343234 artist:bloss153 blossomforth1422 thunderlane4033 pegasus280152 pony938664 anatomically correct23279 anatomically incorrect4076 anatomy421 anus94528 bent over3752 blossomlane62 clitoris26468 contortionista-blossomforth14 crotchboobs20562 diagram182 female1335960 from behind12956 happy sex2063 how to draw191 male362591 nipples161363 nudity361449 penis149758 ponut42367 science1217 sex118331 shipping196213 straight133435 teats7628 tutorial628 urethra2429 vagina48229 vaginal38409 vulva124501


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Glad that I am not into fanatic level of anatomy correct technicolor cartoon horses to ruin my fun of fapping on them.
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No. Primates are extreme outliers among mammals in female genital anatomy. The layout in a pony is not like this. This is primate anatomy stuck on a pony.

On a pony, the entire opening of the lips (and there is only one pair of lips, not inner and outer pairs; double lips exist only in primates) leads into the vagina, not just the upper end. In a pony, the clitoris lies on the floor of the vaginal tube a couple inches in. Not at the bottom of a flat portion. And the urethral meatus is also on the floor of the vagina, somewhat deeper inside behind the clitoris. That's normal mammalian anatomy. It's one (fairly) straight tube. The "where" on a pony is "anywhere inside the tube."
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Thanks, that's very useful! I feel a bit weird not saving this to my porn folder, but oh well.
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This isn't actually anatomically correct. Mares have internal urethral openings and clitorises, so nether should normally be visible.
Women and mares are different in this respect. During vaginal intercourse between humans, the penis can only indirectly stimulate the clitoris (through the pelvis). During intercourse between a stallion and mare, the clitoris is usually directly stimulated by the penis.
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This is about drawings of cartoon ponies having various types of sexual intercourse. "Reality" is a far, far away concept at this point.
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That we NEED something like this in this fandom speaks to something… different about us.

I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, but I think it has something to do with us all being virgins and not knowing what a real pussy looks like.