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I started this on the fourth of July. Due to real life. (No not really just video games.) It got delayed.

name idea by ~QAtheAuthoress

(Also I made this before that one guy on Equestria daily did his.)
safe1553454 artist:gennadykalugina32 applejack157113 big macintosh26644 derpy hooves47898 fluttershy195639 pinkie pie201236 princess celestia88951 princess luna93053 rainbow dash217026 rarity167786 twilight sparkle279135 alicorn190657 earth pony190065 pegasus232023 pony825229 unicorn256604 boat1219 crossing the delaware3 fine art parody480 flag3345 george washington28 ice1063 male298650 mane six28936 parody15073 stallion90217 unicorn twilight12019 washington crossing the delaware3


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