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I started this on the fourth of July. Due to real life. (No not really just video games.) It got delayed.
name idea by ~QAtheAuthoress
(Also I made this before that one guy on Equestria daily did his.)
safe1786080 artist:gennadykalugina32 applejack175775 big macintosh29219 derpy hooves51191 fluttershy220458 pinkie pie223072 princess celestia97865 princess luna102029 rainbow dash241757 rarity188397 twilight sparkle310395 alicorn239170 earth pony281075 pegasus323304 pony1087559 unicorn357312 boat1425 crossing the delaware3 fine art parody522 flag4127 george washington26 ice1302 male399887 mane six32988 parody15942 stallion121309 unicorn twilight19665 washington crossing the delaware3


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