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Free sample of Succubi Samus’ “Blooming Libido,” edited and decensored with Barbie Doll Anatomy. Inspired by this comment (I would link to the original Pixiv sample but it seems to have been deleted).
Besides decensoring it, I also removed dialogue and pages with sexual references, and decided to add some new dialogue at the end. Please note that everything is edited from the original Pixiv samples, and I did not use any of the premium paywalled content.
suggestive164893 artist:succubi samus734 edit149962 apple bloom54849 comic:blooming libido6 equestria girls225916 ass63046 barbie doll anatomy1680 barefoot31335 bloom butt914 breasts323458 butt148645 comic119647 dialogue75729 exhibitionism10664 featureless breasts2807 featureless crotch7760 feet46473 female1534598 nudity429184 solo1209065 solo female199184 thumbnail is a stick345 undressing5712


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Background Pony #76D8
That is a very neat comic. I wonder if the artist has done something like that for Fluttershy, but with her doing that in the forest…
If not, someone tell him to do it, because the amount of detail in this comic is simply amazing.
Background Pony #9D98
There seems to be quite a rise of streaking at CHS, which should be a lot of yearbook fuel for Wallflower Blush.
Background Pony #75DC
Yo Samus, I enjoyed this comic so well, and my little filly girl streaking and takin pics of herself, even seeing her cute butt. I’m glad to see it when it was announced. GOOD WORK DUDE.
Background Pony #A02B
Clever. And the dialogue is actually funny and kinda meta. Seems that old Pixiv account was suspended and the artist created another one.