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safe1613272 artist:furseiseki164 twilight sparkle287937 oc625415 oc:anon11190 alicorn205549 human146291 pony880906 chocolate milk698 everything is ruined342 female1283840 holding2719 holding a pony2706 let's fly to the castle59 mare438565 meme79553 spilled milk361 spread wings49547 this will end in explosions336 this will end in pain1793 this will end in tears3175 throwing492 twilight sparkle (alicorn)118219


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Background Pony #E067
Let's fly to the castle!
What resulted was toy castle falling off the table, a glass of chocolate milk spilling, a pony getting a concussion, and a panicked man.

Not wanting to be outdone by Shining Armor, Anon decided that if his brother in law could toss his waifu off a castle, he could toss his waifu to a castle

He didn't understand why Twilight made him sleep on the couch that night
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The magic's gone :-(
At first I thought "how sweet, good guy anon is helping Twilight fly after her wings don't work properly in the human world". But then I noticed the "let's fly to the castle" tag. There's also a glass of chocolate milk on the table, so it's going to end in tears.