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suggestive127883 artist:jargon scott2090 flitter2912 thunderlane3819 pegasus239184 pony844663 aaaaaaahhhhh46 comic101300 female898023 implied futa697 male305083 mare414911 moaning in pleasure1998 peegasm109 pissing3472 promingent female41 relief200 stallion92540 urinal168 urine6059


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Background Pony #F83E
Peeing in a urinal is so hard when there's somebody right next to you. Especially when it's your girlfriend.

And doubly especially if her dick is bigger than yours.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Actually it was a story from when my dad was a kid. Him, a bunch of his brothers and one of his sisters were out fishing. The boys decided they were going to take a group piss by a tree and their sister wanted to pee like the boys. They said she wouldn't be able to because she's a girl. But, sure enough, she stands there and pees like one of they guys. It's actually pretty funny.