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suggestive148436 artist:ponut_joe409 sunset shimmer64812 equestria girls207187 animated100840 bedroom eyes61386 breathing339 explicit source5002 female1402355 frame by frame4149 gritted teeth13239 implied sex6187 looking back60126 nudity382450 open mouth154503 paint tool sai1109 panting3008 solo1094727 solo female183701 sunset-iac11


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Background Pony #C4D4
Sunset: Ah ah ah ah u don't have to massage there now you've done enough.

The animation is well done, but the way her eyes remain stationary as the rest of her face moves is just a little bit odd.

Still, awesome work, ponut_joe.
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I can't decide which one I love more to choose a favorite. Sunset’s expression in this, or the way it is animated in the fondling breasts. Both are so well done!
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I think this might actually be my favorite part. There's just something about Sunset's expression, that can only be described with "unf".