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Undead inside
Okay, fess up people, who has it? When did you find out you did? How do you cope with it? Has it ever caused you any issues? If so, what kind? Has anyone ever disliked you because of it? Do you wish you were normal? Do you feel like you were born broken?

I can assume from your comment that you’re looking at advice on how to deal with the condition. I’ve known people who do have it, and my advice would be to not let it define you. Simply take the time to learn how to bypass the social limitation you feel it might be giving you. Learn how to read body language, practice looking people in the eye, etc.
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Lesse, in order…
Me and half the males on my mums side of the family.  
Diagnosed when I was 14.  
I either can’t or don’t.  
Everyone I ever met hated me without reason, by the time I was diagnosed I was too withdrawn to even speak.  
Normal is too relative, but I don’t wish for anything anymore. The only wish that ever comes true is the act of being dissapointed and who’d want that?  
I don’t feel anything, nor do I know. Asbergers is only one of several problems forced on me, am I broken? I’ll let others decide, because I don’t even know who or what ‘I’ even is.
Background Pony #4905
I highly doubt I have it. I think if you are against me in any way, you have it.
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