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What happened to the 'neigh' button?

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Seems like I’m a bit late for the initial discussion, but I must say that the changes very similar to those below (total instead of number yay/neight’s) feel wastly supperior. In my opinion at least.
The changes look like they give acess to all information people want as well as minimizing the space needed. The up/down arrow is a bit smaller,but I didn’t feel any added difficulty voting so I don’t anything wrong there either.
Merging up and down votes into a total shouldn’t be a problem either as far as I see it. You can most of the time see the image roughly anyway. The only problem I can think of would be if there was a spoilered image with both huge up and downs and you would be a person that would like to see it, but then you could most likely judge if you want to see it by the amount of faves and comments.
Also thanks a lot to mods/admins/hosts/whatever for interacting with the site community and listening and stuff. It makes the site feel great even when you filter 20-30% of it.
(Fun fact: most people filter 20-30% of the site by default…)
The splitting of vote display into up/down counters as opposed to a unified score measure is something we’re very keen to try out and we’ll be pushing that out to a subset of the userbase to see how people like it in the coming days.
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I like today’s setup a lot better than yesterday’s, it’s clean and streamlined and has the downvote button back. Excellent work.
Rulesbreaking is exactly what I meant; I have trouble believing that people who think fake screencap blackmail is a r0xx0r idea could get two sentences in without committing a sex crime on Rule Zero.
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