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Fanfic idea choices

Chaos king

Hey guys I’m going to be working on a new fic but I have 4 ideas and need help choosing between them the choice with the most votes wins.  
Idea 1  
A MLP green lantern crossover. Sombra and Tirek retern with a army of black lanterns and begin to wreak havoc upon Equstria. So the guardians of the universe sent rigs from each corps to Equstria leading to a new war of light there.  
Idea 2  
During the events of the fox and the hound 2 Tod and Dixie find themselves in a trap and sent to Equstria where they become allies and pets of Discord during his reign of chaos.  
Idea 3 Discord , the cmc , Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are banished from Equstria after causing a great deal of mayhem and find themselves in Africa during the beginning of lion king. They ask to stay in the Pridelands but Mufasa dosn’t appreciate their chaos and rejects them. So they ally themselves with Scar and the hyenas.  
Idea 4  
Lightening Dust, Rainbow Dash and Trixie get exiled from Equstria after their arrogance gets the better of the 3 of them and everypony else gets tired of it. So Celestia sends them to 3 different place individually and they separately team up with Bloo , Eddy and Cartman returning to Equstria to causes chaos there with the help of other MLP villian and anti heroes.  
So which choice do you like better.

i most just was wonder what was going to happen when they get to the outlands-like, five little non-zebras with some mashup monsterthing- the OLer’s are gonna flip their sh*t XD
Chaos king

Whom I think I have a good idea of what would happen with each of the ideas  
If idea one took place  
Big war lots of factions and zombies  
If idea 2 took place  
Lots of dogs to protect Discord  
If idea 3 happened  
The hyenas would try to eat them until Scar told them to back off. Them the hyenas wouid build a friendship with the equstrains  
If idea 4 took place  
Shock , fun shi nagana and bloody revenge.
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