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With the description for the episode, this was almost too perfect


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Men are such second-class citizens in Equestria that baby dragons are kept as slaves, grown male dragons are evicted just because the cloud cover is inconvenient, but hey, it’s not all bad- the male ponies get a last meal before they’re trotted around to do some of the female’s housework and then get sent to die in the wild.
Dirty Bit
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That's him, officer
Well, if they actually make it to where Fluttershy and his brother come from a rich family, one would think that they’d either let him inherit a fortune or at least go out of their way to try and stick him with a job that would require his skills (or lack thereof). If they would be rich, why would they even bother to kick out their own son unless he actually were a wayward layabout who uses ‘fear of failure’ as an excuse?
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I’m personally under the assumption that Fluttershy’s brother (and her parents, if we meet them too) will be really funny and likable, and become really popular with the fans. That seems to be the pattern with the Mane Six’s family members: Braeburn, Shining Armor, Rarity’s parents, Maud Pie, Rainbow’s dad, etc. Even when they have minor roles the fandom seems to fall in love with them, so maybe that’ll be the case here too.  
I’m also predicting (for some reason) that Fluttershy’s parents are rich. I don’t know why, I just am.
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I don’t know why a lot of people are assuming this is going to be a thinly-veiled attempt to shame bronies, and that Fluttershy’s brother is going to be a neckbeard and/or Pepe and Wojak rip-off/reference.
It really says a lot that some bronies see themselves as failures, and as the very stereotypes people accuse them of, to get so offended from a synopsis.
I’m really hoping this is a funny episode and not what everyone fears, because if it is, Derpygate and Alicorn Twilight will be nothing compared to the backlash the fandom will give.
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@Dirty Bit  
I’m under the assumption that everyone will be able to relate to either Fluttershy’s brother or Fluttershy herself in this episode.