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safe1945636 artist:nekokevin1088 applejack186348 derpy hooves53653 fluttershy235769 pinkie pie236664 rainbow dash257149 rarity201184 starlight glimmer54699 twilight sparkle330036 alicorn269688 earth pony350499 pegasus394873 pony1295389 unicorn433644 alicornified6540 clothes549482 earmuffs1386 eyes closed118007 female1578986 irl77340 jewelry88516 looking at each other26904 looking down11598 lying down31309 mare603766 photo88444 plushie27554 poster6265 princess starlight glimmer113 race swap17711 raised hoof58610 scarf27731 sitting77051 size difference17809 smiling323430 socks80146 starlicorn513 starlight's little twibird51 striped socks24834 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137292


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