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These are my oc, and my friends ocs for the 2018 Derpibooru collab :)
ELizabat belngs to me
Windy Barebow Evergreen belongs to mikaLtubeyou
Liz belongs to LisaZul9
The Sunset necklace and Dinky plushie are representing two more of my close friends, who can sadly not take part in this collab :(  
Sunset Shimmer necklace represents VNagato , as that pony is his waifu, and the Dinky Hooves Plushie represents DinkyUniverse, as Dinky is her favourite pony, and she also done last years collab pic for me :)
I hope this is good enoguh for the collab :)

safe2118977 artist:shippingtrash16 applejack196201 dinky hooves4621 sunset shimmer77363 tempest shadow18800 oc917386 oc only667049 oc:elizabat stormfeather658 oc:liz (cardshark777)34 oc:windy barebow evergreen88 alicorn302900 bat pony71959 bat pony alicorn3210 earth pony423670 pegasus471836 pony1480065 unicorn512920 2018 community collab513 derpibooru community collaboration5597 g41930953 my little pony: the movie21235 alicorn oc35558 bat pony oc28296 broken horn15740 canon x oc33850 cowboy hat24540 cute257326 eyes closed133775 female1740551 hat119631 hug36360 jewelry107042 lesbian114761 mare703816 necklace30629 plushie30124 shipping245986 simple background569569 stormshadow119 transparent background274862


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