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After a long day of school, Sunset steps in for a nice hot relaxing shower.
suggestive162278 artist:cyber-murph471 sunset shimmer69457 equestria girls224125 armpits44502 belly32944 belly button89886 censored4291 female1518748 lidded eyes35754 midriff20805 nudity424070 shower3878 shower curtain78 showering395 steam2296 steam censor30 strategically covered3180 wet hair863


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Background Pony #20C1
Sunset taking a shower as she hears Jayden come in  
Jayden Toushiaki: Sunset, I’m home! Walks up to the Bedroom, getting ready to take a Shower Man, really could use a Shower right now. As he enters, he accidentally walks into Sunset taking a Bath Oh Jeez!  
Sunset: Aah, Jayden! Uuuuhhh hey, w-welcome home.  
Jayden Toushiaki: I-I’m really sorry, I didn’t know you were in there. I’m really sorry.  
Sunset: No no, it’s okay Jay, really. It’s okay, I don’t mind. Blushes a little You…wanna join?  
Jayden: Takes a breath sure, I’d like to. Steps in and takes a shower with her
Background Pony #5E67
yes thats ture background pony and then dusk shine joins in and thats really true