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Champions of Equestria

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The Villains of Equestria are here to make the night last forever, to devour love, to absorb magic, to absorb negative energy through music, to spread hatred and fear and to raise an army of the undead!
In case you're wondering why King Sombra has wings, well the Alicorn Amulet made him more powerful.

Grogar-The Ruler of Tambelon
Bray-The HenchmanLord
Tirek-The Demonic Centaur
Nightmare Moon-The Princess of the NightKing
Sombra-The Shadow KingQueen
Chrysalis-The Changeling
QueenAdagio Dazzle, Sonata Dusk, Aria Blaze-The Three Sirens
MLP Villains © MLP:FiM
Fan Art © MelSpyRose111
dead source22774 safe1688223 artist:melspyrose123 adagio dazzle12761 aria blaze9671 bray47 grogar (g1)249 king sombra13699 lord tirek5215 nightmare moon16761 queen chrysalis34465 sonata dusk13397 alicorn220959 changeling46615 donkey1832 siren2079 g114497 alicorn amulet1852 antagonist1592 cloven hooves9961 dazzling131 evil2868 evil grin4341 grin37578 male366531 ram646 shadow king1 smiling243183 sombracorn54 the dazzlings4286 villainess166 villains of equestria68


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Background Pony #1C6C
Ok, I know this sounds stupid, but…

is it wrong that I ship Queen Chrysalis and Grogar?
Background Pony #7179
So, who's gonna be the Starscream in this whole thing. Probably Chrysalis.