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the concept of this next gen universe is to take notable merchandise-exclusive ponies with interesting color schemes & designs and try to fit them all in as children of various pairings who might make sense as their parents

name: Prince Star Dreams
parents: Twilight Sparkle, Sunset Shimmer, & Starlight Glimmer (all three are genetically his parents — yay magic!)
siblings: Prince Flitterheart & Princess Dawn "Rainbow" Flash
cousins: Princess Flurry Heart & Princess Skyla
special talent: earth pony magic / growing and crossbreeding plants
personality traits: quiet, soft-hearted, clever, distant, absent-minded

The first child of Twilight, Sunset, & Starlight, Star Dreams was magically made to be the genetic child of all three — but considering how much trouble they went through to get the spell working (with a result that looked fairly close to one of them, and not so much the other two), and how little they actually cared which child was genetically whose, he was the also the only child they would have with more than two genetic parents. Star Dreams grew up incredibly intrigued by how his earth pony magic worked, and in plants themselves; it was his own interest in herbs and their properties that helped lead to his younger sister Dawn Flash's meddling in potion making. Nowadays, he helps her prepare her potions by providing home grown and foraged herbs, as he's especially good at both discovering which herbs have the most magical properties and in crossbreeding plants to have new, interesting traits, magical or otherwise.
safe1675935 artist:flipwix86 star dreams15 earth pony237624 pony938664 digital art17695 magical lesbian spawn11617 magical threesome spawn549 male362590 multiple parents350 next generation5903 offspring37728 parent:starlight glimmer1385 parent:sunset shimmer1413 parent:twilight sparkle8081 parents:shimmerglimmer110 parents:sunsetsparkle354 parents:twistarlight77 raised hoof44195 simple background383500 solo1043519 stallion104803 transparent background198061


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