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Discord turn 4 mane 6 member to 2D version (?
(or the mane already 2D???? so it's 1D????
(I'm confuse XDDDDD
safe1585543 artist:zouyugi174 applejack159860 discord28905 fluttershy199220 rainbow dash220561 twilight sparkle284340 alicorn197471 :<961 applecord30 card2655 discodash39 discolight348 discord being discord248 discord gets all the mares92 discord gets all the waifus8 discoshy2534 female907457 inanimate tf1416 male308485 shipping185178 straight122499 transformation9862 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115941 waifu1216


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Background Pony #DA36
Discord is a waifu thief for turning waifus into paper for his own amusement.