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Bounty Hunter Pony

I always wondered why Spyro goes from like all fours to two legs according to his first game

@Background Pony Number 17
Generally that still isn't even their normal stance as the only reason then get on all fours is because they are so massive, then need to look down at everything. The Red dragon took to two legs whenever possible, Torch was only sitting around, and Spikezilla was walking as a biped until he needed to use his hands to scale a mountain.

I'm gonna take this moment to also mention that 9 times out of 10, folks randomly have Spike walking on all fours when they give him wings.

I'm glad that the canon material still shows him being a biped to snub out the folks wanting t mold him into a replacement for spyro.
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Échale vampiro
Hey, isn't the prophesy from the Spiro games says that a purple dragon will be born and be the savior of the world? what if Spike is another reincarnation of Spiro