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“Oh, it’s not that big of a deal.” Starlight Glimmer gleamed as she continued to enjoy her third ice cream cone, “I mean there’s other ice cream places in this world, right?”

“Of course there are,” Sunset Shimmer muttered as she tapped away on her phone. “But this was the best place in town. And now we’re kicked out of it…”

“Actually, the owner said that YOU were kicked out. You know, because you were the one who insulted his mother.”

“Yeah. Well, he was the one who’s been false advertising. All-You-Can-Eat Happy Hour…” Sunset scoffed, “yeah, right.”

“So, now what?”

“First, I’m gonna write a one-star review on the Screech app, that way my followers will know where NOT to go for dessert…”

Starlight raised a questioning brow towards her friend. “Uh… what’s a Screechap?”

“…Then, we’re gonna find some place else to eat.” As if on command, Sunset’s belly suddenly rumbled with hunger.

Pulling her attention away from her ice cream, Starlight looks back at Sunset, who is still too preoccupied on her phone to really notice her friend staring at her huge body. Her fat belly wobbled freely from beneath her top, while her large breasts bounced with every step she made. Even her puffy cheeks seemed to jiggle a bit.

Starlight looked back down at her own swelling belly, watching it slosh around. It felt filled to the brim with deliciously sweet ice cream, and yet she felt like she wanted more. “Sunset, do you think we’ve been eating a little too-”

“How about we get some pizza on the way?” Sunset interrupted, not seeming to notice the question.

“Uh… sure. I guess one slice couldn't hurt.”
suggestive132675 artist:neongothic177 edit123100 edited screencap59247 screencap210861 starlight glimmer45658 sunset shimmer58925 equestria girls187632 mirror magic2426 spoiler:eqg specials5098 angry25018 bbw4058 belly25958 big belly9598 breasts254369 chubby13033 chubby glimmer13 double chin1581 fat20669 fat edit190 female1286477 food64318 ice cream4699 morbidly obese7235 nsfw edit123 obese10713 slobset shimmer211 ssbbw1566 starlard glimmer175


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Background Pony #BBC2
shim would become a famous star of a tv show called My 600lb life, and after saying enough to her bad habits, she seeks medical help and through training sheds the weight, relieving her back and knees and transforming her back to where she was, active, fit and beautiful.

@James A Williams
given the shape and size of her stomach, one would be completely accurate in assuming she can just inhale massive amounts of food. T'is the reason she was banned alongside Rarity from any eating competitions. The owner should have put up a sign banning Shimmer from participating.

Obese Sunset is always welcomed. And that shop owner shouldh ave know that an "all you can eat happy hour" was a bad idea.