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I have no idea if this is Pickle or Barley, so I just tagged it as both.
explicit333259 artist:pestil169 barley barrel190 pegasus265500 pony903746 rainbow roadtrip1395 adorasexy9133 anatomically correct22539 anus91600 beanie3412 bedroom eyes56047 blushing186261 butt46687 butt freckles1738 clothes435051 crotchboobs19896 cute189443 cute porn6032 dock46697 female1304008 filly62804 foalcon17504 freckles26788 frog (hoof)11499 hat81668 hooves17166 looking at you156583 looking over shoulder3564 nipples155309 nudity350411 plot74370 ponut41003 presenting22868 sexy27393 solo1019141 solo female173840 that was fast1314 underhoof49087 vulva120087 young1470


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Pupusa Lord
A freckled foalita with a cute outfit? yeah this was just a matter of time… AND A OPPOSITE SEX TWIN! damn they were asking to make porn out of them.

Until confirmation comes through on which is which, I will think of her as Barley and the other as Pickle.
Because he has a pickle and she's barley legal. (Well she probably isn't, but I won't let that get in the way of the joke)