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Tempest decided to have Spitfire help out in teaching Rough his place.
explicit317871 artist:conrie320 spitfire12793 tempest shadow15382 oc605455 oc:rough seas39 earth pony199382 pegasus239881 semi-anthro10989 unicorn266560 anus87214 canon x oc22042 clitoris23851 clothes409385 corset3887 cowgirl position6173 cunnilingus8884 cutie mark40751 eyes closed80261 female899994 femdom6757 ffm threesome878 group sex13778 horn43409 human shoulders894 male305790 malesub3676 medial ring4070 nudity334103 oral44310 penis137683 reverse gangbang31 reverse spitroast232 sex107462 simple background345952 socks56828 stockings28644 submissive13085 thigh highs28402 threesome9161 white background87192 wings76176


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Background Pony #3F16
A mare on each of his heads :3

@Rough Seas

You had better lick Tempy's pussy to her satisfaction if you want her off your face ever!