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Genius prank idea:
Smooch all of your horse Wifes freckles and tell her that she's the apple of your eye ~

Discord is a truly mischevious and genious prankster, no one can pull one over AJ quite like he can.
Really they've just found a healthy balance between teasing and loving, so AJ plays annoyed or grossed out when Discord is being smoochy so it seems less desperate when the noodle reaches out for love

I adore these two woops
prob gonna upload one or two more finished sketches, gotta fill up that applecord tag lol
safe1575719 artist:eqq_scremble90 derpibooru exclusive24374 applejack158886 discord28695 draconequus9017 earth pony199075 pony845871 eqqverse34 alternate design2195 alternate hairstyle24476 applecord29 applejack's hat5389 body freckles814 cowboy hat13160 diamond617 female899461 freckles25434 hat76647 heart43187 kiss on the cheek1491 kissing22464 male305532 mare415567 ponytail15618 shipping184087 simple background345742 spade53 straight121677


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