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Doctor Whooves teaches the students the magic of science
safe1639995 screencap213789 doctor whooves10532 fire flicker120 fluttershy205731 midnight snack (character)152 sandbar5186 starlight glimmer46561 summer meadow162 time turner10528 bird7587 butterfly6696 earth pony224333 pegasus266280 pony905621 unicorn295727 a horse shoe-in1303 balloon9856 bird house186 bird nest113 book32025 bookshelf3352 bunsen burner24 chalkboard2709 chick163 classroom1573 clipboard1154 clothes435913 coiling249 electric fan44 erlenmeyer flask202 eyedropper6 female1305726 flower23934 fluttershy's classroom1 friendship student1585 glowing horn18253 goggles13589 horn55919 lab coat2095 levitation11425 magic69778 magic aura3520 male351327 mare450055 nest481 pillow16784 pinwheel (toy)17 pliers32 potted plant474 rube goldberg machine15 rug604 safety goggles342 science1204 scissors1065 setup8 shelf485 stallion100732 table8706 teenager4427 telekinesis26243 tongs31 weight99


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Bearded Dialogue Master
Did see Starlight's massive shock when he mentioned what he was an expert in time travel? The second best part of the episode, second only to the epic awesomeness that Doctor Whooves is a time traveler.
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