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Smolder: So. A box?

Silverstream: Box!

Gallus: Because?

Silverstream: Box!

Sandbar: You make a compelling argument. However-

Yona: BOX!

Ocellus: *nods sagely* Box

Smolder: I’m very confused

Gallus: Confused? I’m feathering terrified!
safe1616106 artist:sintakhra979 silverstream5655 classical hippogriff4643 hippogriff8800 pony883941 tumblr:studentsix613 behaving like a cat2011 birb288 box4334 cute186317 diastreamies1151 female1286482 hippogriff in a box1 if i fits i sits115 jewelry55314 necklace16426 pony in a box882 solo1004026 stair keychain42 we bought two cakes125


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The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Sky Blazer
Every time you bring logic into a discussion of catbirdfish, Silverstream will have her "this side up" arrow pointing downward box place into another "this side up" arrow pointing downward box. Keep it up and someone might cut a box open so the "this side up" will be pointing to the left or right while she sits in it.
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Sky Blazer

None of this should have even happened, for heaven's sake. It was meant to be that I ask about turning the box the right way up, only for somebody to reply with "Silverstream's cuteness doesn't obey your rules!" or something to the effect of that. And what do I get instead? Idiots. >_<
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Sky Blazer

She isn't even the 'catbird', that's Gallus. It's 'horsebird' or whatever term that includes bird, horse and sea pony altogether.

And I haven't been putting any force on her being in the box, anyway. If she ends up not caring about it, that's her decision and it's no skin off my nose.
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Sky Blazer

Sitting in it with the arrow pointed down. The sequence is as follows:

1. Box on the ground
2. Arrow points upward
3. Top is open
4. Silverstream sits in the box

It cannot be any plainer that that.

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